About Me 

Paul Middleton is from the U.K who gives listeners and audiences a voice that has been called ‘stunning’. 
Critically acclaimed for his Covers he has demonstrated he can bring new life into classics such as his emotional rendition of 'Careless Whisper’ from Covers 3 ’ to the tropical house dance classic ‘ We Found Love ’, where Spotify playlisted it here: Dance Covers 
“a stunning version of a classic song (Careless Whisper)” -FV Reviews
“mesmerising” -Stereo Stickman
“taking a tune to the next level” -Sleeping Bag Studios
Paul is also passionate about supporting charity Cancer Research after losing his mother to the illness and he is also an advocate of mental health.
Paul wrote an original song called ‘Hanging in There’ for an independent film of the same name. This was also for charity.
Since 2016, Paul has performed in various countries like England, USA, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium where he has been well received showing that he is not just a superb vocalist but also a great performer. 

Instagram: paulmmusic
Facebook: paulmiddletonofficial
Twitter: paulmmusic